Earth ♥ Earth


There is a lot of mutual respect when two Earths come together. Earth plus Earth represents a magnification of all that we see, taste, touch, and hear. And this is a very productive combination indeed. All people seek structure at one level or another and the Earth/Earth pair is structure. Elementally we find two people who are dedicated to each other and commitment is something Earth style can readily embrace. There's something very practical about you and that's good. Life needs a practical approach. Without Earth energy everything would truly be a mess. This couple creates beauty through order, refinement, social awareness, and value.


As A Couple


People certainly see you as reliable. That's because you are. If ever there was a couple who could deliver the bottom line it's you. You are sought after for this purpose. Producing results, managing spreadsheets, attracting funds, and enjoying the process of seeing things come to life is what you do best! There's no time for frivolity between you; if something practical can be achieved then by all means call on the Earth/Earth couple. You have a lot of fun making things happen. While other people are talking and daydreaming you are actually

showing up with the supplies. In fact, nothing ever happens if some measure of Earth is not present and people know it. So never underestimate how necessary you are in a crowd - your vital and don't forget it!


Special Match


What exists between you quite easily, at the core of your very nature, is ethics. Loyalty, hard work, service, and dedication to each other are what make you unique. It's not that other couples don't have these qualities it's simply that you embody them. While other people struggle for certainty you know you have found someone you can rely on. This is huge! And it's not something that you necessarily notice about yourselves, but it's a part of you and it's wonderful. From establishing a home, a career, a family, and financial success, you are the match that makes it happen. It's important to you; security and responsibility. So as a couple you are likely to build a rich life filled with pleasure and stability.


Lasting Love


It's funny to talk about lasting with an Earth couple. Much of what you do together is built to last. You build a home, you construct a life, and you lay the very foundation of your heart’s desires with each other. This is a relationship that weathers the tests of time because your belief in each other is strong and your ethics are solid. You know how to save for a rainy day. You know how to bolster each other up when times are tough. And you know how to manifest a life that is both full and comfortable. This tangible, creative real life experience is what Earth is all about, and together you are able to enjoy all that you produce. Take time to occasionally experience uncharted territory - you will grow in richness and love by taking reasonable chances.

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