These classic elements represent what we are all about. It is our belief that our elements define us. They tell us who we are and the way we love. To be in your elements is to be in harmony. Using the natural elements to better understand who we are and how we love is what makes Cantelli different from any other jewelry designer.

Love is unique. Love is ruled by the different elements around us.
When two people meet, the elements influencing them also meet. The various combinations of the 4 elements results in the 10 elemental styles of love, which when brought into balance form the basis for a life bond.
Cantelli creates intricately designed rings according to a couples elements.

A Cantelli ring also brings the alchemy of metal elements alive. Gold, platinum, copper and palladium are the four metals that harmonize the four elements. When alloys of these metals are forged by our master artisans using the ancient Japanese technique of Mokume Gane, the result is a love ring that is completely original and unique to you and your elements.

Mokume Gane is an ancient Japanese metal smith practice. It is the forging and fusing of different layers of metals to create unique patterns with no two alike. It is the “marriage of metals” where two metals keep their individual nature while creating a new harmony. It is the perfect technique to bring together the different elements around us to represent the metals Cantelli uses to create these works of art.

A love ring is the most intentional and cared for gift. And when made with layers constructed out of your deliberate intentions and elemental harmony, it is priceless.
Cantelli rings honor your story. Let it be told.